My (Wiki) Toolbox

Michael Gloegl has taken my toolbox entry from a few weeks ago and turned it into a big wiki page. I’ll be adding a permanent link to it from my resources page and updating the wiki with my own additions and changes rather than continuing to keep an outline that is only of use to me.

9 thoughts on “My (Wiki) Toolbox

  1. Michael Gloegl

    Thanks for the reference, we’ll see how the list keeps on developing. Just wanted to point out, my name is spelled wrong, it should be ‘Gloegl’

  2. Jason Barker

    There is already a ‘Java Toolbox’ at, I don’t see any reason why you would make a similar one unless for those non-open-source project (how many of them?).
    It seems like someone is reinventing the wheel.
    Why not check their list and add the ones you think should be added to their list?

  3. John Munsch

    I didn’t create the wiki because I really don’t have time to do so. Michael asked me about doing it with the list I posted. When Michael and I discussed locations for the list I’m afraid never even came up because I had never heard of or seen that list.
    All of my weblog entries are under a Creative Commons license that allows them to be reused. For the project list I removed even the few restrictions I have on reuse so you can consider it public domain. If you or someone else would like to merge in anything I found that is not in the list at JavaSource then I will happily make additions and changes there instead. My only concern is having the best list available somewhere and making sure that everyone knows about it.
    But again, checking through every entry I have in my list to see if it is already on JavaSource is something I’m not going to be able to do, periodic updates is about all I can promise. I have new and existing projects that need work and not enough time to vet a database.

  4. Jason Barker

    When did you discuss about it? has been around for quite some time.
    This seems to contradict one of your previous posts about creating a template engine while velocity already exists.
    During the interview where you asked about obscure j2ee projects, did anyone say “I’m afraid I had never heard of or seen that project before.” ?

  5. Michael Gloegl

    Well, has a nice look, as far as I was able to browse through it. I have never heard of it before though. When I noticed John’s weblog entry I just had the desire to make it more “permanent” somewhere and also to make it possibly become a shared effort, which a Wiki is good for.
    I don’t understand you agressive stance here, making offensive statements against somebody won’t get him to contribute to your project. It’s not like anybody wanted to hurt you or whatever.
    I like the open nature of a wiki, and I surely won’t take up the work to copy everything from Johns post into that form on (modifying the list into wiki format was enough work already). As John said, everything is under public domain, so nothing keeps you from doing that.

  6. Trace Windham

    John and Michael,
    Any reason you left off JUnit and XMLUnit? I’ve worked with John, and I know he’s used both before. I went ahead and added the entries to Michael’s wiki. If there is a reason why they were left off, feel free to erase. I promise I won’t get mad and take an aggressive stance.

  7. Michael Gloegl

    I also still have a bunch of tools I regulary use which are not on the list – I just did not find time yet to add my own stuff besides Johns. If you have anything else you want to add, feel free to do so – thats why it is a Wiki 🙂

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