Really?!? Was There A Poll I Missed?

There’s a recent article on IBM’s Developer Works site that begins like this, “Most Java developers agree that there’s only one domain where Swing/AWT is superior to the Eclipse platform’s Standard Widget Toolkit, and that’s Java 2D.”
Really? Was there a poll I missed somewhere that hit “most” Java developers? Because I would have liked to have participated.
I love eclipse. I use it every day now and I greatly prefer it to NetBeans. However, I think the time spent on SWT is time wasted and I don’t think grandiose proclamations like that do eclipse (or likely SWT) any service.

1 thought on “Really?!? Was There A Poll I Missed?

  1. zed

    Agree. IBM are a bunch of fools but SWT is not bad technology. It comes from a company they bought a while back called OTI.

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