Monthly Archives: June 2004

Embedding Release Info In Your Applications

Many might think the JReleaseInfo project is overkill but I’ve worked on several projects where we wanted something exactly like this. It provides an easy way to embed some variables into a class that is automatically built using Ant. It can also handle automatic updating of a build number. I’ve already put the class generation into HotSheet and very shortly I’ll have the dialog displaying the info rather than some hard-coded nonsense that I have to remember to update.

Really?!? Was There A Poll I Missed?

There’s a recent article on IBM’s Developer Works site that begins like this, “Most Java developers agree that there’s only one domain where Swing/AWT is superior to the Eclipse platform’s Standard Widget Toolkit, and that’s Java 2D.”
Really? Was there a poll I missed somewhere that hit “most” Java developers? Because I would have liked to have participated.
I love eclipse. I use it every day now and I greatly prefer it to NetBeans. However, I think the time spent on SWT is time wasted and I don’t think grandiose proclamations like that do eclipse (or likely SWT) any service.

Rome, Informa, And Another Opportunity To Tick People Off

Some developers at Sun have produced Rome to parse all RSS variants as well as Atom. I’ve yet to evaluate it for use in HotSheet (which I intend to do) but I’d have to say that I’m still of the same opinion that I had before with regard to reinventing the wheel.
Make no mistake, I’m no huge fan of Informa because I think that most of its features are not well documented, lack examples, and don’t build on each other in a clear fashion. I really just want basic functionality and a cookbook that shows what the other features in the system are and how to add only the ones in which I’m interested. However, with that said, I still think it likely that three developers could have refactored the Informa code to get it into a more clearly delineated set of functionality and added the parsers they wanted to add (e.g. Atom) with less effort than starting over from scratch. But that’s just my opinion…