Fedora Core 2 – Not Yet A Convert

Sadly, although I’ve been trying consistently since Thursday evening, I’ve been unable to get Fedora Core 2 to work properly on my system and surprisingly the problems seem to all be related to X (that’s the portion of Linux that handles the screen display). I just recently installed a new card based on the GeForce 5200, as a replacement for the better GeForce 4 Ti 4200 which had its fan die.
Although Fedora Core 1 seems to happy install with the new card and come up in a 1024×768 configuration with that card and my ancient Nokia 447L monitor, FC 2 seems to get in a death spiral where it first asks me whether I want to start up 1024×768, then it makes me restart the machine. It then asks again what resolution I want but only offers up to 800×600, and then repeats one more time before coming up in 640×480. Frankly, even if FC 2 is working perfectly I don’t want to run it if it’s only going to run in 640×480.
This evening I’m going to do one last install using as default a configuration as possible and take lots of notes so I can post a bug. I’d really like to see this problem fixed so I can switch to the new version and update my getting started guide (the original focus of upgrading before the final FC 2 release).