Monthly Archives: May 2004

Linux Flash Player 7 and Rasterbator

Now that Linux users can get Flash Player 7 too ( Macromedia’s Flash Player Download Center) the The Rasterbator works for me as well.
“And what is the Rasterbator,” you might ask.
It’s a nifty piece of online software to take a photo and make a huge black and white poster out of it. If you want to see how cool it is, check out their gallery pages where you can see what people have done with it on their own walls.

Really Cool! AND Really Screwed Up!

Ever since the announcement that Sony would have a cool new e-book reader that used e-paper to handle the screen (thus making it both more readble and giving it a long battery life at the same time) I was ready. Sign me up, I want one! The dottocomu: First look at the Sony EBR-1000 Librie eBook reader has temporarily changed my mind.
The fact that you can’t easily dump material from Project Gutenberg, websites, programming documentation, etc. pretty much kills its usability for me today. But! There is a tomorrow for this device because it is running on Linux and Sony has made available their modified sources for the device. Assuming someone is sufficiently motivated, the inability to read much more readily available formats (i.e. TXT, PDF, HTML) may not be a problem for long.

Follow-up On My Fedora Core 2 Bug

Others are seeing the same error as I did. Here’s one on the mailing list for people testing new versions of Fedora Core: [FC2T3] Monitor resolution
Interestingly enough the author of this message also has a NVidia GeForce 5200 as a video card (though a different monitor than my old Nokia 447L). One person suggests a fix by making a change to a file. I’m not going to do it right now, I think I’ll wait until the next release and see if it is already fixed without my having to do that. I do need to get it posted into the Fedora Core bug database either way.

Fedora Core 2 – Not Yet A Convert

Sadly, although I’ve been trying consistently since Thursday evening, I’ve been unable to get Fedora Core 2 to work properly on my system and surprisingly the problems seem to all be related to X (that’s the portion of Linux that handles the screen display). I just recently installed a new card based on the GeForce 5200, as a replacement for the better GeForce 4 Ti 4200 which had its fan die.
Although Fedora Core 1 seems to happy install with the new card and come up in a 1024×768 configuration with that card and my ancient Nokia 447L monitor, FC 2 seems to get in a death spiral where it first asks me whether I want to start up 1024×768, then it makes me restart the machine. It then asks again what resolution I want but only offers up to 800×600, and then repeats one more time before coming up in 640×480. Frankly, even if FC 2 is working perfectly I don’t want to run it if it’s only going to run in 640×480.
This evening I’m going to do one last install using as default a configuration as possible and take lots of notes so I can post a bug. I’d really like to see this problem fixed so I can switch to the new version and update my getting started guide (the original focus of upgrading before the final FC 2 release).