Magic And Me

When I was a kid, magic was probably my favorite thing in the world. I used to do magic tricks all the time and any time I could go to a new or different library that was the section I headed straight for. My budget for buying tricks, books, and materials to make things was pretty much non-existent (after all, I had to buy comics somehow too) so I tended to focus on tricks which could be done with cards, string, paper, etc. That plus a few props I had purchased gave me enough to put on many many shows for friends and family. BTW, to all the friends and family who didn’t want to watch a little kid give them a magic show, I apologize now 🙂
These days I have all the money I could have ever wanted as a kid to build up magic stuff but I’m not going to. I found a book that I’ve wanted for about 20+ years at a magic shop in New Orleans called Sideshow (it’s owned by the magician and sitcom actor Harry Anderson). They included the first volume of Tarbell’s eight volume encyclopedias on magic together with some simple stuff for tricks. Most of it is junk but I’m sure I’ll use some of it. Mainly I just wanted to get my hands on the book. I’ve still got my two favorite books on magic that I wore to pieces when I was a kid. Maybe someday soon my wife will catch me in front of the mirror again practicing my tricks…

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