Peer-To-Peer Picture Sharing

I think OurPictures is really cool. It’s software you can buy for $50 (US) and you get licenses so you can put it on up to four desktops (perfect for my family). Then people can share pictures with one another without messing with email, web sites, etc. You put the pictures in, indicate you want to share them and they get transmitted to others. It has printing and some other stuff as well but most of that is nigh on useless to me as we use Adobe Photoshop Album for all our photos. It’s great software and it does a spectacular job of categorizing and working with your pictures.
While I’m at it I should plug the Photoshop Album Starter Edition available for download on Adobe’s site. It lets you pull in all your images, tag them, search them, etc. It never expires but it lacks a lot of the ability to do projects (books, calendars, etc.) with your pictures. You can even upgrade to the full edition later if you like it and keep all the work you’ve already done with your photo collection. We use it as a second copy of Album on my machine because Rockelle has the full copy that we bought.
Let’s hope that Adobe adds a peer-to-peer sharing feature in a future version. Then the free version of Album could be used as a client by anyone I want to share pictures with and Adobe manages to periodically convert some users from free to full owners. Everybody wins.