Download Old Games Legally (And Cheaply)

StarROMs has legal downloads of a multitude of old Atari titles. Each one is the ROMs from the original game ready to use within an emulator like MAME. You don’t have to go pirate anything in order to play your favorite arcade titles of old. This is very cool and I look forward to them getting licensing agreements with more classic arcade companies like Namco and Williams.
However… With that said, here is another example of a website having to come up with its own stupid mass purchase technique to try and work around the high transaction costs associated with credit cards. This is directly analogous to the problems that iStockPhoto had a while back. I don’t want to buy a big chunk of “tokens” on the StarROMs site to buy some games. Tying my money up in your funny money currency when it isn’t going to work on any other site doesn’t thrill me. Instead, go with BitPass and let me buy exactly the tokens I need at $0.25 (US) per token to get a game when it comes time to buy one. That also makes an impulse purchase that much easier for me because I may already have money in my account from something else I bought recently using BitPass.

3 thoughts on “Download Old Games Legally (And Cheaply)

  1. grammer!

    ‘come up with it’s own stupid’ should be ‘come up with ITS own stupid’. Please, if you’re going to write, write correctly.

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