Another Free Audio Books Site

Matt Reynolds pointed out that AudioBooksGratis doesn’t appear to be working at the moment so he pointed out a different free audio book site called
Note that this website is not perfectly free. If you want something for free then you have to accept a fairly poor audio quality (8khz) downloaded one MP3 file at a time. But then, you are getting it for free. If you want higher quality or easier downloading then you can pay for it on a per file basis (a few bucks here and there) or pay a one-time fee ($100 US) to get a membership.
While I don’t object to paying for things, I think that the fees are the first thing I don’t like much about the site. Three US dollars to download all the MP3 files in a single ZIP file?!? Or an extra four to get better quality MP3 files?!? That’s steep! I’m sure part of it is that in the old days it was pretty impractical to deal with credit cards for small amounts, but now that BitPass is out there and starting to spread around, there’s not a very good excuse. Offer me a chance to get better quality for $0.25 and I’ll be interested. At least based on bandwidth and server costs I just ran on the back of an envelope that’s huge profit margins.
The other thing I think is a little funny is that the site is apparently overseas and it’s kind of funny to hear Mark Twain read with a British accent 🙂