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A Good Overview of Gnome Changes

If, as I hope, Fedora Core 2 includes Gnome 2.6 in addition to the Linux kernel 2.6 then we get a lot of really nice improvements to the desktop environment. This look at the changes, Diving into GNOME 2.5 – A Preview of GNOME 2.6, is much better than anything else I’ve seen. It shows screenshots and both explains and catalogs many of the changes you can expect to see in the desktop environment most Fedora users use.

Admiration for

No matter what you think of JSF, I found the fact that Sun allowed a link to an article with commentary critical of a new API and a decidedly harsh title to appear in the news on the front page of This is the house organ for Sun folks, over at Microsoft, the house organ only plays the tunes the management likes. Do you ever expect to see something like this on Microsoft’s site or Hell no.
Programmers Underwhelmed by JavaServer Faces