Whoa… MovableType Gets Serious Competition

I’ve long been of the opinion that MovableType is the best blogging software out there (unless of course you are fortunate enough to be using TypePad, which is run by the authors of MT). LiveJournal, Blogger, etc. just don’t seem as feature rich, nor do they have as nice an interface. But Textpattern looks like it could give MT a run for its money. It’s written in PHP which has never been a favorite of mine, but on the other hand MT is written in Perl and you really don’t want to know my opinion of Perl.
The thing I’ve seen so far that seems really nice is how it has CSS as a fundamental type to be edited (rather than just a block of text like MT treats it). They also seem to elevate the blocks of text that make up entries as well. You can write text using a simplified formatting called Textile (if you’ve ever edited text on a wiki it’ll be very familiar to you) or go directly to HTML. The tabbed interface they used throughout the UI also seems very clear.
Maybe soon I can get PHP setup somewhere to give it a try.

1 thought on “Whoa… MovableType Gets Serious Competition

  1. Strixy

    Consider journalspace.com? I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but I’ve had plenty of fun with their very customizable CSS and HTML advanced layout editor.

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