Yes, It Is Pretty Damn Ugly

I know the redo of the website leaves a lot to be desired. It’s ugly and its inconsistent on top of being ugly. And it’s unfinished on top of being ugly and inconsistent. Bleh…
Nevertheless, this is my start on a redo of the website. How is it better or going to be better than the old version? Well, for one thing you can now search all of my blog entries for specific info using the search in the sidebar of the homepage. Two, the look and feel of the site is now based on CSS so I should be able to radically redo the appearance of all the pages on the website (more than 300 at present) just by altering the one stylesheet file. And three, there is now direct links to the archives, recent postings and a posting calendar (showing when I’ve updated the weblog recently) on the front page.
As I mentioned above, there are more than 300 individual HTML files which make up the website now. Because of that, it is really difficult to make improvements. Getting MovableType to update all of the pages it maintains takes a long time now (several minutes) and some other pages like the Resources and Projects page aren’t generated automaticallly by MovableType and upgrading them to automatically adjust to the changing look and feel of the website is going to take a while. In the meantime they still look like the old verion of the webpage. When I fix them I’ll probably also create an Articles webpage for links to the articles I write as well.