Reading .CBZ And .CBR Files On Linux

.CBR and .CBZ files are RARed and ZIPed image files (usually .JPG files) containing the pages of a comic book. In order to not have to take apart the file and look at the images with an image viewer, custom viewers have been written to make it easy to read a comic directly from the .CBZ or .CBR file. I mentioned that CDisplay is the popular program for Windows and that I had written my own reader in Java so I would have something for Linux because there wasn’t anything a few months back. That has changed now though as there is apparently a new reader for Linux and Mac OS X named Comical.
I haven’t had a chance to try it out myself yet because on Linux you have to download the source and build it, there apparently aren’t pre-built packages available for Fedora Core yet. But this might provide another source of a reader other than my quick and crude attempt to create a reader. Maybe soon I can take the time to figure out how to build it or it will go into the usual package and building cycle that so many other applications are already on that makes them an easy install using Synaptic on Fedora.

1 thought on “Reading .CBZ And .CBR Files On Linux

  1. Jeff

    I’ve only been using Fedora for about a week now, and i’m already to the point where building the comical source isn’t hard. If you download it, and follow the directions in the INSTALL file, it should be a breeze for you.

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