You might notice right away that I’ve made one change in the website if you have been here before. There are now ads showing up on most of the pages from Google’s AdSense. It offers me a way to make money on click-throughs where the ads are targeted on a page by page basis. I’ve looked at a lot of the ads they provide and they actually make some logical sense (e.g. ads for collectible card games on the pages related to UberCard).
I don’t yet know if this will make any money but I’ve read some interesting reports from someone else so I thought I’d give it a try for a month or two and see how it does.
It’s all part of a big makeover you should see in the site as I approach the third anniversary of this weblog. I started this thing back on February 21st, 2001 using Blogger and it’s about time that the look and feel were updated, the front page started to take advantage of some of the MovableType innovations which came after I started using it (i.e. searching, a posting calendar on the front page, and direct links to recent archives and to recent stories). Also on the burners, an update to the Fedora Core Getting Started Guide (already partially completed), source code for a simple comic book reader I wrote to use on Linux since I don’t have CDisplay, a couple of longer format items about Java, quite a bit of code I hope to contribute to the Prevayler project, and perhaps a new presentation like Prevayler or JUnit in 30 Minutes or Less.
In addition to putting the Google ads up to try and make some money I hope to record audio of my existing Ant and Log4J presentations (and any new ones I do). The audio would be an MP3 download you could purchase via BitPass for a couple of bucks to go with the slides (which will continue to remain free). Obviously I would go over all the material on the slides themselves but I think I could do a much better job of explaining everything than just trying to read a somewhat terse set of bullet points.