An Embarrassment Of Riches

I’ve recommended Lumbermill in the past as a good GUI to watch your Log4J output. I preferred it over the Chainsaw GUI included with Log4J itself. Back in the November timeframe Lumbermill woke up from a nine month sleep to issue a new 2.0 beta and a couple of more since. It’s now up to 2.0 beta 3 and it’s a definite improvement over the old Lumbermill.
Not to be outdone, Chainsaw has also released a new version. Version 2 of Chainsaw may have managed to leapfrog even version 2 of Lumbermill! Nice work all around. I can hardly wait to see the final releases of the new versions. Both offer the ability to work with SocketHubAppenders (connect/disconnect to logging at will and allow multiple clients), searching, and more data in better formatting. The Chainsaw project is even promising Java Web Start support for easy installation/upgrading once the final release is ready.