Monthly Archives: December 2003

Fedora Core 2 Schedule

The Fedora Core Project has released a schedule for betas and release of the next version of Fedora Core. It starts in late January and runs through early April. Given how pleased I’ve been with Fedora Core 1 I’m obviously looking forward to it.
For those of you interested in installing Fedora Core Linux, I’d like to point to not only my own getting started guide but also The Unofficial #fedora FAQ. It is an excellent resource and I plan to add a link to it within the getting started guide soon.

Battlestar Galactica Finally A Show Worth Watching

As I said in a previous post, the original Battlestar Galactica series was a sad excuse not just for science fiction but for TV in general. It made the assumption that no matter how hokey the plot and characters were, science fiction fans would watch just to see the special effects and because it was something on TV in their favorite genre.
The SCIFI Channel’s Battlestar Galactica mini series (two two-hour episodes) had pretty much everything the original lacked. Dramatic development, characters who at times became something more than two dimensional, great special effects, real acting out of some of the actors (I particularly liked Adama’s son Lee). In case you can’t tell, I was really really impressed by this show and I hope they do more in the future. If that is how a cheese-ball show like Galactica can come back to life, it gives me real hope for how good the return of Dr. Who to the BBC may be.

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