Linux: The Other Other White Meat

I haven’t made a big deal about it yet but after my hard drive problem I decided to remake the new hard drive in a new image. Yes, a full three years ahead of when I said I would switch from Windows to Linux (i.e. October 25th, 2006) I went ahead and installed Red Hat 9.0 on my home machine giving it the lion’s share of the new drive and making it the one that boots by default. In fact, since I did it a few weeks ago, I’ve only had Windows running on that machine for a couple of hours.
So, while I can talk at length now about what should be but isn’t installed on RH 9.0 to be useful to end users, I’d rather talk about something I think is kind of nifty. gDesklets is an attempt to bring something like the Mac OS X utility Konfabulator to the Gnome Desktop. Konfabulator has well over 300 different little gadgets which a Mac user can place on his or her desktop to display the currently playing album, give you a volume control knob, display news/weather, or let you play a game during spare moments. As is often the case with Mac stuff, they almost uniformly are attractive and I think having something similar for Gnome on Linux will be really cool.