Putting Together A MythTV Box

These are the first step-by-step instructions I’ve seen for putting together a MythTV box: PVR Hardware Database
Hopefully soon I’ll find the time to pop this old WinTV Go board into a box and try this out so I can see what the state of the “open source Tivo” is. Tivo is definitely advancing very slowly especially as compared to this software (which had the ability to view photos and listen to music long before Tivo added them as features you have to pay to get).
Personally, I’m very much against the proliferation of Linux distributions out there, but MythTV seems like a perfect instance where a specialized distro is appropriate. Most installations of this are going to be dedicated boxes used only for watching TV, playing games, listening to music, etc. Why not just have a disc you can stick in to build a MythTV box automatically when it detects a complete set of hardware?