Do You Get A Bereavment Day For A Hard Drive?

Last night my machine died and would not boot back up. It performed its usual booting rituals and the part where it did the drive roll call was pretty scary.
“Hard Drive 1! <crickets chirp…..> CD RW Drive! <Present!> Hard Drive 2! <Present!>”
Given that the hard drive has almost everything on it and a goodly portion is not backed up, I’m very glad that I’ve been able to move it to another machine and get it to behave enough that I think I’ll be able to get the data backed up.
So take a minute or two and go backup something important to you to a CD or another hard drive. You’ll be glad you did if something happens.

1 thought on “Do You Get A Bereavment Day For A Hard Drive?

  1. Menteco

    My PC also died, 5 days ago, and I lost 2 month worth of data: mainly mp3s and jpgs.
    I guess the culprit was the “Set and Forget” feature in DisKeeper, a HD defragmentation software. It corrupted the FATs and erased all files in My Documents folder.
    Now I´ve learned the lesson and I am taking the opportunity to configure a multi OS box with a separate partition for my data files.

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