Long Overdue Emphasis On Games In Java

To me this is an absolute no-brainer. Sun makes play for games market | CNET News.com
Sun has tried in the past to get some movement in the games market and failed outside of J2ME stuff on phones. Their last attempt gave birth to the JavaGaming.org site which I believe was a serious mistake. The site floundered around for a long time without accomplishing much and now exists only in the form of its forum section. They have promised a new site for some time without any visible progress. If Sun is really serious about gaming this time they will persevere and spend some money. They have no idea what it takes to build a large successful gaming development site, nor do they have a significant way to promote it. I know how to do both and it’s called GameDev.net.
GDN has a built in audience of people to whom a Java gaming site could be promoted and more traffic than any other game development site in the world. Sun, you need to hire us to build and promote a new site for Java game development. You need to sit down with developers and find out what things are addressed in DirectX or Sprockets that are not addressed in the J2SE (e.g. if support for joystick, gamepads, and steering wheels is going to be sequestered off in the in the Java 3D API then the API needs to be expanded to become your new Java Games API so people know what to download and install). You need to provide examples that make it easy to get started building a wide variety of different games and you need to pay for articles and more sample code to jump start your market.
Remember, Microsoft struggled with the games market for a looonnngggg time before they got it right. They tried every hair brained thing under the sun including WinG and some pathetic wrappers over the Windows GDI before they brought out the first version of DirectX and they started to make headway. It doesn’t really matter that there have been some missteps in the Java arena, developers forget that stuff in a hurry if they find there are good reasons to develop for a platform. Lots of games would work as well under Java as they do at present under C++ because they don’t require screaming performance, not every game is Doom III so giving developers a chance to have their game on both the Mac and PC and easier portability to phones and handhelds will appeal to many of them. But not unless you get your message out in front of them, keep it out in front of them, and build a resource that they can turn to every day for news, code, support, etc.