Rearranging The Deck Chairs

Showing that they have reached a level of both desperation and total disconnection from reality that is almost unprecedented, the RIAA has decided to sue four individual college students for copyright infringement for trading music files. Even better is that they are asking for $150K for each instance of “copyright infrigement” (how they will calculate that without checking to see who owns which CDs is beyond me, I’m guessing they’ll pull a number out of the air like they usually do).
College students are the people who go to the grocery store and try to decide whether they can splurge on both beer and the ramen noodles in a cup or they should just buy the ones in a plastic package they have to put in a bowl. $150K per “infringement”. Yeah.
How they imagine this is going to acheive their desired effect of chilling file trading is utterly beyond me, but it does show that they are heading to utter irrelevance in the future. My best guess is that the next bizarre request they will make is for a handout from the government to stem the tide of their “losses“.

2 thoughts on “Rearranging The Deck Chairs

  1. Mona

    They used campus computers, did I read that right? That was smart, not. If they didn’t want their music trading to be known, they shouldn’t use the school’s network.
    Do I think the RIAA have the right idea, no. Isolating 4 college students will not make a point very clear against the hundreds of million of ppl in this world who trade music online currently.

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