Last Forgotten Struts Link And Various Follow Ups

OK, hopefully this link is the last Struts resource I used a lot that I forgot to site in my first posting: Java Guru: Struts FAQ Index By Topic

Here’s a quick follow-up about being able to read the RSS feeds that JavaShelf offers in various categories (i.e. to find out about new Struts books for example). I checked out the example channel that Bertrand mentioned ( and HotSheet had no problems with it. So you can easily use HotSheet to watch JavaShelf for books and it will handle filtering out books it has already seen (i.e. it only shows you a RSS item once that has a particular title and link) and you’d only see new items when new books were added.

Finally, here’s some of the wonderful things you can learn via JavaBlogs.

And it’s all 100% Java information. Or not.