Several people have mentioned Your Java book store on the Web! in their weblogs recently and I’d just like to make a small observation.
While this makes a nice all-in-one place to look for books, it has the same problem that small bookshops tend to have. Price. They will tell you about prices at only three places, Amazon, Powells, and Blackwell. Not familiar with Powells or Blackwell? Wondering why they were chosen over (where you could buy used copies of many Java books) or BookPool (which usually has much lower prices on technical books than anybody else)? The answer is simple, all three have associates programs that pay JavaShelf money if you buy the book through them. So be sure you shop around before you take the best price among three prices that might not be so good.

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  1. Michel have been terible to me, i paid for 3 books that i never received and customer service is beyond terrible. After many emails, i only got my money back for one of the books. I like bookpool prices but their regular shipping is very slow.

  2. bayard

    Bookpool are amazing. I’ve never had a single problem from them, and have bought a ton of books through the site. Their sales on OReilly books tend to be expensive times for me, I’m addicted 🙂

  3. John Munsch

    I can say that I’ve purchased in excess of 30 items via and have only had one problem. Normally I check the feedback on each seller before I purchase from them and only once has that led me to purchase something from a deadbeat (I’m out a total of $6 + shipping). Given the huge savings on all of the games and books I’ve purchased through Half this one incident doesn’t make me pause for a second to consider whether I would purchase again there.
    Also, my wife sells items through both Ebay and Half and she has sold many dozens of items through Half without complaint.

  4. Bertrand Fontaine

    John, you are soooooooo wrong! I am the author of and let me precise you a thing or two:
    a) is part of the portfolio of my company, INSPIRE IT. The Web site has been built in order to illustrate the use of XML-based Web services and will also serve as the basis to a course. So, a mandatory requirement for the bookstores included in is that they have to provide some kind of on-line facility to access their pricing and other book information. Amazon, Powells and Blackwell all meet this requirement and that’s straight clear from the information one can gather from their Web site. BookPool doesn’t have any affiliate program and’s program is limited to the basics (static links and banners).
    b) Associates programs are mandatory to for legal reasons. Have you ever heard about the word “copyright”? Do you know that to build a Web site like some SLA-like rules have to be followed? For example, our affiliation at Amazon requires their information to be refreshed at least every day, and prices can’t be older than one hour.
    Some bookstores, such as BookPool, don’t have any affiliate program, others restrict them to affiliates in their country only, such as Some even don’t reply to our E-mails proposing to add their offer to the price comparison engine of ( Each bookstore has its marketing strategy. Some want to compete in price comparison engines like the one proposed by, others don’t. That’s life!
    Bertrand Fontaine

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