8:03am Fort Worth, TX

At 8:03 this morning my wife and I were woken up by what we thought was the sound of a large explosion followed immediately afterward by another smaller explosion. Since it was right at 8am I thought that it was someone doing demolition and they had to wait until a certain time before they could do it (there are lots of largely ignored rules like that for construction in Fort Worth).
I was wrong. It was the sound of pieces so the space shuttle creating sonic booms as it entered low atmosphere. It has broken up and in all likelyhood all the crew is gone, hopefully there will still be enough that doesn’t burn up in order to determine what caused the tragedy so it doesn’t happen again.
Twenty years ago I was in my dorm room in college. I was sick and couldn’t go to class. They interrupted what I was watching to break in and tell me about what had just happened to the Challenger. This time, it happened right over me.
P.S. Small correction, it was seventeen years ago, not twenty as I reported earlier. I thought we had just passed the 20th anniversary the other day but I was wrong and didn’t bother to do the math in my head like I should have.