JavaBlogs Is For… JAVA! Not Your Vet Visits

I know this is a news bulletin to a lot of people but it’s not about pet deaths, visits to the vet, the cute girl you met at the club last night or (and this may be the real shocker) that cool new CD you like a lot. It’s supposed to be, and you agreed to this when you signed up, primarily about Java. I saw one new blog added in the last couple of days that had three Java items and eight that had nothing to do with Java. It’s definitely not for your political diatribes about pinko leftists, the far right, or those damn centrists.
Much of the modern blogging software has the concept of categories and can separate out one category of material from another. For example, I run MovableType and MT allows me to have a regular RSS feed that includes everything as well as a Java only feed that only includes items from the “Software Development In Java” category. If I don’t put it into that category, you still might see it on my homepage when you visit but you won’t see it popping up as a new item on JavaBlogs. This is not hard! If the channel becomes filled with so much detrius that we can’t find the cool nuggets anymore then it will have devolved into nothing more than a bad mailing list where I can’t reply directly and I get to hear about the minutia of people’s lives.

3 thoughts on “JavaBlogs Is For… JAVA! Not Your Vet Visits

  1. Joe

    One option is to go with two totally separate blogs, on two different systems. I use blog-city for my java blog source, since its more formal or “professional” looking. But for my personal stuff, I use livejournal, which has more “community-supporting” aspects where my friends also are and feel like there’s some interaction, given all the icons and like.

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