Playing Catch-Up Assumes You Can Catch-Up

For some bizarre reason I see people write this little meme periodically about how C# and .NET will “catch-up” to where Java is now in the next year or two so while there might be social or philosophical reasons to go with one or the other, there won’t be any tech reasons.
Whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa. I hope that I didn’t give the impression that I believed any such nonsense the other day when I gave my list of reasons I hope .NET fails. I just said that I don’t think the arguments get anybody anywhere. But if you are deluding yourself into believing that .NET is somehow going to magically “catch-up” to where Java is today in the next year, 18 months or even longer, you need to open your eyes.
What follows is a quick dump from an outline I keep using the Java Outline Editor. I call it my “Java Toolbox” and I keep and categorize links to technology that looks promising in it, this is a short list that skips mounds of stuff I have never had reason to look at and it also blows by reams of excellent commercial tools as well. Look at the length of this list and imagine the veritable army of open source .NET developers (who are apparently going to have to thicken from etherial vapor because I haven’t seen them yet) required to build all of this stuff. But, and here’s the part that I can’t seem to figure out why people don’t see it, do you think that Java developers are just going to sit there and watch them do it? Are we just supposed to halt all development and sit on our hands for a couple of years so they can catch-up? No. Catching-up implies that they have to be able at some point to outpace us and I’ve yet to see anything that has proven to me that that is even a possibility.

My Java Toolbox

Artificial Intelligence/Expert Systems

JGAP: The Java Genetic Algorithms Package

JOONE – Java Object Oriented Neural Engine


The Bouncy Castle Crypto API


Tools for creating your logs in the first place and tools for looking at the generated logs.
Log View/Filtering


Now bundled with Log4J (see Logging).
Look and Feel

Want to change the look of your Java application. Here are some ways to do it.
Metouia look & feel


VorbisSPI, JavaLayer, jlGui

Java libraries to playback both MP3 and OGG formats and a sample GUI for them that is similar to WinAmp.

Object-XML Binding

There are more object to XML bindings in existence than you can even count. This a far from complete list.
Remote Procedure Calls


Apache XML-RPC (formerly the Helma XML-RPC library)


Server Administration


JMX offers a simple way for you to package server components so you can make them administrable locally or remotely. JBoss and many other server packages now make their components MBeans (managable beans) just to get this functionality.
Consider it seriously for any server software you might be building.
MC4J Management Console

JMX Homepage (Reference JMX Implementation Available Here)

AdventNet Agent Toolkit Java/JMX Edition


Swing GUI Testing

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