The RIAA’s Days Are Numbered

The schemes of the RIAA to combat piracy are growing increasingly strident and accusatory of everybody: Wired News: RIAA’s Rosen Sets Sights on ISPs
Eventually the music industry that funds this organization will shut it down and create a new one with a new name imagining that they can somehow get a fresh start and rub some of the stain off themselves. In the meantime you can enjoy it for the sheer circus value of it.
The best quote is the one from the end of the article, “I think we might need to stop fighting fire with fire and figure out something new to do, or we will end up with lots of ex-customers who swap files just out of spite.” Oh pal, you’re there, you reached that point for me when you shut down Napster only to let music companies open up new music “services” that treat me like a thief and an ATM for you all at the same time. I was buying CDs for my wife, my kids, myself regularly. When Christmas came around this year I didn’t buy any for my wife. None. I’m hoping that anything she wants, she downloads. I know I’m going to.