Question: “How do I benefit from this approach?” Answer: “You don’t.”

Before you make the mistake of purchasing TurboTax this year be sure you understand that you are not buying their software, you are just “licensing” it. Intuit TurboTax Technical Support
Yup. I thought it was really neat when I got a CD case last month with the new TurboTax in it in my mailbox. I thought that somebody had finally clued into the fact that you can send a disc out for a small amount and get people to try out your product. They are especially likely to when it’s something they’ve bought several years in a row. But I opened it up to find that the “deal” they were offering a long-time customer was worse than what I could get from going to the store. Thanks a lot Intuit.
But I made the mistake of thinking that was as far as the insult went. I was willing to forgive the attempt to gouge me and still buy the product until I found out that they’ve added a Microsoft Windows XP like “activation” system to the new software. So your installation is tied to a specific machine and you can’t give it to anyone else or sell it after you are done using it (even if you uninstall)… So just kiss the doctrine of “first sale” goodbye. You no longer “own” the product, you merely “license” it now for just as much as you used to pay to buy it.
Whil Whim likens it to buying a book that you can only use with one lamp. Woe unto you should you change the lightbulb, break the lamp, or wish to get rid of the book but not the lamp.
All I can say now is “%&@) YOU” Intuit. I’m one long time customer who will NOT buy this years product or next years or any other years as long as this is the way you run things.