Ending The Tyranny Of The Hierarchical File System

Bravo, bravo, bravo!!! One thing that I’ve encountered over and over with new users (and even some more sophisticated users who normally work with only a couple of applications) is that they do not understand folders, drives, etc. They get confused when navigating the tree of files that resides on their file system.
Oh sure, they get used to it eventually, but people can adjust to lots of stuff that’s not necessarily very good eventually (like using abstract phone numbers to call people, ask yourself, does that really make any sense or is it just what you are used to). This is one of the first attempts I’ve seen to break free of that and produce something different. newdocms – a new document management system (Manuel Arriaga) is a file system where people store things with attributes attached and then search for them again based on those same attributes.
Because much of what people run on Linux is open source, the author has already been able to integrate his system into KDE (which is under quite a few Linux applications) and he’s looking for volunteers to integrate it into a couple of other places that would give widespread support for it under Linux.