Resources Go OPML + XSL

My resources page was always a severe pain in the buttocks because it became this huge HTML file that was very hard to edit without messing up. Large scale removals of links, reorderings, etc. were simply out of the question.
But a while back I took steps using JOE to reproduce all the links in an OPML file (an XML based outline format that JOE and Radio both use). Now I can use an XSL stylesheet to format that OPML file automatically and publish a new version of my resources page with ease. And under JOE, reordering, removing, adding, etc. are all very easy so my resources page won’t continue to slowly degrade over time.
P.S. For those of you who care, I’m going to start publishing the OPML file to the website as well as the HTML version of it (plus I’ll make available the XSL stylesheet I’m using for formatting). That way it will be just like the RSS file that gets published for all my weblog entries. Maybe if everybody did that for their link farm it could be another RSS.