Unifying The Linux Desktop

RedHat, supplier of one of the most popular Linux distributions has stirred up some controversy recently because they have been working to unify the appearance and some of the behavior of the two main Linux desktops; KDE and GNOME. In this article someone from RedHat explains why they are unifying the two desktops in appearance and other ways.
All I can say is bravo. This is long overdue. Take this mans words and carve them into stone because you can learn a lot from what he says here. But I’d go even further and say that his statements about not trying to brand the desktop like a race car with 100 endorsement logos should carry over to RedHat itself. RedHat isn’t the star of the show here, Linux is. It is the operating system that is being run and just like Mac OS X or Windows, it is the underlying brand that needs to be promoted. However, I don’t think Mr. Taylor’s vision extends far enough to not realize that “branding” the desktop everywhere with RedHat’s logos is no different from KDE or GNOME doing the same.