JDK 1.4.1 Released

The latest version of the Sun Java Development Kit has been released. It’s a free download and it contains every single tool you need to be able to write simple or complex programs that will run on every major consumer computer out there. It doesn’t matter if you want to target Linux, Windows, or Mac OS, you can do it.
If you’ve been thinking about developing stuff using something else, look at the tools available with Java and ask yourself why you would limit yourself to one platform or, if you have a multi-platform language, why you would limit yourself to the lessor tools and libraries available for Perl, Python, or Ruby.

1 thought on “JDK 1.4.1 Released

  1. Paul Lester

    I would agree, with a small caveat: This current release is NOT compatible with all previous versions.
    Swing has gone through a significant rewrite and is much better for it, but using Swing applications written in versions prior to 1.4 can result in performance problems and all manner of ghouls and gobblins cropping up, especially those having to do with the Java Plugin.
    One big example is ICQLite, or as it is known now, ICQ2Go. It performs miserably with 1.4.x and crashes often; perhaps they did somethings that they shouldn’t have, but a quick trip to the Java Plugin Control Panel solved that problem. I just changed it to use the Default, instead of always using 1.4 and things are peachy and back to normal.

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