New NetBeans/New JUnit

New versions of the NetBeans Java IDE (v. 3.4) and the JUnit unit test framework (v 3.8) are available.
I haven’t put the new JUnit to use yet but I have started using 3.7 in a real XP environment (i.e. we are writing unit tests first and then coding to the unit tests). I can vouch for the new NetBeans though, it’s got a degree of polish that the is really impressive. Having had a chance to look at the Personal edition of JBuilder 7 in just the last few days, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t use NetBeans instead.
Also in the news, I was going to remove Blender from my list of resources because the company went under a while back. But then they announced a new drive to raise 100,000(Eur) to pay off creditors of the company so they could open source their 3D software. They are almost there, now is an excellent time to go pay and start anticipating the release of this software. With an excellent starting base like that for developers to work from, companies with crappy attitudes like the makers of 3D Studio need to seriously fear for the future of their over priced, dongled, can’t resell it on ebay software.