A Turning Point

Well, in an unexpected event, I seem to have lost the directory containing all of my programming projects for the last few years. It included literally dozens of half-fininshed pieces of software including a recent one I wrote for my wife (I haven’t told her yet that I’ve got to rewrite it).
Surprisingly, my feelings on this are mixed. I didn’t lose much from the two projects most dear to me (UberCard and HotSheet) because HotSheet now uses CVS on SourceForge as its home and I had a copy of the UberCard documents on this server. Rockelle’s software can probably be rewritten in about an evening or two and it had a problem I can address from the start this time. While I’m obviously upset that this happened, it has made me look at what I’ve really accomplished over the course of the last few years and it occurs to me that it’s all about the open source stuff. The stuff that I never shared with anybody, even as an idea, I don’t care about. The stuff that I have shared something about, I want to make sure stays around and gets improved. Now I just need to follow up on what that tells me…