Linux Bites Man

I’ve had the “pleasure” of moving from Windows to Linux at work for the first time ever this week and while it is helping me remember how to do stuff that I last did in school 15 years ago, it is also teaching me much about the current state of Linux for end users.
Anyway, one of those lessons had to do with sound on Linux. Linux has several schemes for sharing the audio hardware and unfortunately Sun chose to not support any of them, though they say they might for the 1.4.2 JVM. A Java program on Linux simply cannot play sound if anything else is using the sound hardware. As a result there is a new release of HotSheet available that does not play a sound when it finds new items during a refresh. If you add “sound.newItems=true” to your file then it will play sounds again (for Windows and Mac OS X users).

2 thoughts on “Linux Bites Man

  1. Matt

    After reading things as quickly as I possibly could, I figured I’d drop you a note.
    A) Celestia and co are all Debian packages, should you feel the need to do such things at work.
    B) You really like searching for projects to work on 🙂
    Outside of that, I’ll be adding this to my list of sites to read (if that’s cool, I know the work/outside of work thing gets weird).
    Enjoy and later

  2. Matt

    And not to be totally annoying, but Blender is going open source, and LimeWire has gone totally opensource/free and looks “way cool” now.
    I need to learn how to package. Or just build that damned tool.

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