30 Days To A More Accessible Website

If you do any webpages at all then you need to read 30 days to a more accessible weblog. It is not just about weblogs, it is about making websites more accessible to people out there with a huge range of disabilities including blindness, color blindness, inability to see small type, etc. Read it, follow it.
I’ve already started the conversion of this website (if you check the source you’ll notice I now have a DOCTYPE, language specifier and I’m using the new navigation links). Everybody will benefit from the better page titles I’ve got now and I’ve looked at my webpage to see what it would look like to people using a text reader like Lynx and to people who are color blind. I’ve also checked for things like Javascript links which could cause problems for people. I look forward to the rest of this series helping me create not only a better personal website but also filter what I learn over into other websites I work on periodically.