Signing Your WebStart Application

I’ve always used a self-generated key to sign HotSheet (currently my only Java WebStart application) but it has always bugged me that it had to pop up this horrific warning whenever somebody ran it or else I had to pop for an expensive key ($200 first year w/ $100 each successive year). But not anymore, now there are instructions for signing Java WebStart apps using a free key and you might even be able to turn it into a full-fledged signature with a little work.
I hope to follow these instructions soon to clean up my own application.
Just a follow up: I have since followed the directions and it does indeed work. If you try out HotSheet you’ll find that it no longer displays the alarming message it used to display and instead just asks for approval to run my app. Much better. Now if I can get Thawte’s “Web of Trust” to authenticate me I might be able to get it to show my name on the screen instead of theirs.