Monthly Archives: May 2002

Setting Up SourceForge CVS

Surely I’m not the only one to have shied away from setting up CVS access to SourceForge. In the past it has been highly cryptic and, in my opinion, pretty darn difficult for a Windows based developer.
But that’s changed. If you use the new WinCVS setup instructions it will tell you step-by-step how to set up everything and get it working. As a result of those simplified instructions I’ve finally got CVS up to date (and it’ll stay that way) for HotSheet.

Farewell To The Master

Did you ever see the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still? It’s an fifties sci-fi film in every sense of the word fifties and, at least in my opinion, is just so-so. Though the rating on the IMDB is actually quite high.
But when I was a kid I had seen the film and just by chance in a book I read a short story one time that I suddenly realized must be what they started from when making the movie. It had the same characters and some of the same opening but they had actually changed almost everything else and very much for the worse. So, if someday you would like to read a good science fiction short story and you’ve got a little time, take my recommendation and read this one and try to imagine that movie in your head instead.


Just this week I set up a wiki for the first time for actual use. If you’ve never used a wiki before then you can look here to get an idea of what they are and what they can be used for.
There are several Java wiki’s out there and after looking over VeryQuickWiki I settled on JSPWiki. That’s what I’ve set up at work for us to use to start organizing our project. Bobby Martin has suggested I take a look at TWiki because it has some additional features I want (like file upload).
I’m thinking of setting up another one here on underneath the UberCard project to support work on it and encourage others to contribute.

Office Suite and XML Editor

I thought I’d mention that Open Office has shipped version 1.0 and it works pretty darn well. It desperately needs sample templates for the various applications (especially the presentation program) but it appears solid and I’m planning to switch to it full time for an office suite. I had never bought any upgrades to Microsoft Office anyway so I was still stuck on Office 97.
Another program that shows a lot of promise is Pollo. It’s an open source XML editor and I need a good one as I use XML more and more all the time now for both work and play projects. You can hardly shake a stick anymore without running into it. So if you haven’t yet paid for something more sophisticated like XML-Spy, you can give this a look and see if you like it. I will let you know up front though that it currently has no support for doing XSL development. It would be great if it would let you build XSL and apply it to XML and review the output but there’s nothing there yet.