Not Everything I Do Is Software…

I posted my part of the last Exquisite Corpse I worked on last week. The finished version of that corpse is now up. Rockelle didn’t like this one as much as the last one I worked on but I actually liked it better. After I did the first one and waited forever for it to appear on the website I was kind of discouraged and thought I’d probably quit after I finished the second one, now I’m inclined to try to do another just to see if I can do better.
Also on the “art” front, I finished the wedding album for my step-daughter and her husband. The design was Rockelle’s but I did most of the construction of the album itself. The cover features a thick purple textured paper that was crumpled heavily (which failed miserably until Rockelle suggested wetting the paper). It features five cutouts on the cover with embossed metal decorations in the corners and their name in the center. The metal is that extremely thick foil that you can buy at art supply stores these days (it comes in colors as well as different metal types like copper, brass, pewter, gold, etc.). Rockelle antiqued it using some black paint because she worried that the embossed design wouldn’t stand out enough without it.
Thanks to the current obsession with scrapbooking we were able to find a wide variety of neat looking papers where the paper came in various sizes (like 12×12 for the endpapers of the book) and different colors. We used that so we could do a flyleaf of the book that had the same design as the endpapers but all the color was bled out. I was really pleased with how that worked out.
The album itself used the simple post design you see with most photo albums and we got those and a few other small supplies online. Overall it looked more like a finished professional book than my previous attempt and I’m really looking forward to using what I learned to do more projects.

One of those projects may be this one. They encourage you to do miniature books for trading with others. I think that’s really cool.

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