The Toolbox Redux

Here’s another connect the projects idea. What could you make from these projects?

One thing I can imagine is a “smart” version of the popular music players out there like WinAmp or Sonique. Most music players only have two basic modes of operation: play a specific song or sequence of songs (where the user is responsible for selecting and ordering the sequence) or play at random from a collection of songs.
But that’s not really what I want. I want a DJ that plays only what I want and knows how to rotate the sequence in a way that I’m not going to get sick of. If I add a new song to the mix, I’m probably going to want to listen to it more often in the mix for a while with some kind of curve that pushes down the frequency over time so I don’t get totally sick of it. Other songs in my collection may just be there because I grabbed them with the rest of the album when I ripped my CD and I don’t really want to listen to them, nor do I want to delete them from the collection. So I need ways to put input into the system and give songs a thumbs up or down to inform the DJ how I feel about tunes.

1 thought on “The Toolbox Redux

  1. Arielext

    Maybe you can learn your system which songs you like, every time you play a file, an int value is upped by one, so after a while your system knows what songs you play most and thus can make a mix out of them.
    And maybe you can add the date when you entered it, so the system can provide new mixes in the timeline. (or something)

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