Monthly Archives: March 2002


I haven’t been updating the site as frequently lately as I was a while back so I’m trying to get back in the habit. It helps me and who knows, maybe eventually it will help somebody else too.
Here’s my piece of the last Exquisite Corpse I worked on:

I led off so I didn’t have a strip of image to match up against this time.
I intend to upgrade this site to use Movable Type 2.0 shortly, I’m working on HotSheet again (I’m trying to do the big push to get to the famous version 1.0), and I’ve installed Mandrake Linux 8.2 on my Linux partition at home and I’m trying to use it more. I must say that it was an easy installation and has so far proven to be easy to run.

Java Libraries Updated

Everything is new again so I’m going to do a quick roundup. There is a release candidate for Velocity 1.3. The SkinLF library has released version 1.2. The Poseidon UML editor is up to version 1.2. ArgoUML was the open source project from which the Poseidon UML editor started. It seems to have people working on it again after a long hibernation as it just released version 0.9.7. JGraph/JGraphPad recently released a new version with automatic realignment of items in the connected graph as you connect them. Lastly, Bouvard & Pecuchet 1.3 is out, it appears to be largely a bug fixing release.

Domain Name Searching Made Easier

Currently, it’s hard to find a domain name with a specific word or words in it because you have to test for yourself different combinations of the word(s) with different extensions like .com, .net, and .org or combined with other words to see if you can get something you like. This site however does something I’ve wanted for years. It simply shows you all the domains containing that so you can just pick something that doesn’t appear in the list. Cool, really cool.

The Toolbox Redux

Here’s another connect the projects idea. What could you make from these projects?

One thing I can imagine is a “smart” version of the popular music players out there like WinAmp or Sonique. Most music players only have two basic modes of operation: play a specific song or sequence of songs (where the user is responsible for selecting and ordering the sequence) or play at random from a collection of songs.
But that’s not really what I want. I want a DJ that plays only what I want and knows how to rotate the sequence in a way that I’m not going to get sick of. If I add a new song to the mix, I’m probably going to want to listen to it more often in the mix for a while with some kind of curve that pushes down the frequency over time so I don’t get totally sick of it. Other songs in my collection may just be there because I grabbed them with the rest of the album when I ripped my CD and I don’t really want to listen to them, nor do I want to delete them from the collection. So I need ways to put input into the system and give songs a thumbs up or down to inform the DJ how I feel about tunes.