Monthly Archives: February 2002

“Lumberjack Song” Will Be The Next Log Tool

Well, anything worth doing is apparently worth doing twice. Chainsaw is another UI to display log4j information. You may remember my mentioning Lumbermill just a few weeks ago. Hopefully they can work together to produce one uber log ui because I’ve got features I want. I’m trying to debug multi-threaded applications and I need to be able to see all the log events on one thread sometimes and all of the threads interleaved other times.

Exquisite Corpse Entry

Well, I received my part of an Exquisite Corpse image the other day (Tuesday I think) and I finally managed to finish it off this morning. It’s a great deal harder than it seems to take a strip that is 450 pixels wide but only 15 pixels tall and create something that connects to it and expresses something. Hopefully I succeeded.
I would show you my completed part but there’s always a chance the next (and last) person working on this particular image might check out my site and I don’t want to spoil whatever she might think of. After the finished corpse is posted I’ll show you what I received and what I made to go with it. In the meantime, check out some of the really cool ones already out there.