Linux (Oh, and HotSheet Too)

I spent a goodly amount of time Sunday in Linux. This is actually an event for me as I usually only run Windows, and I’m thus a little behind on my shift off of Windows. But yesterday I made up for a lot of that. I spent quite a bit of time under Linux, installed Ximian Gnome, patched patched patched, and got that about 90% working the way I want it to.
Then I tackled Java, Java Web Start, and even NetBeans. That all went very very well except that HotSheet isn’t running under 1.4.0 on Linux. It dies without any exceptions being thrown and in fact it looks like it may be throwing some kind of signal at the lowest level (i.e. Java itself is crapping out while running my app). When I installed 1.3.1 and ran HotSheet under that, there were no problems. Sigh…