Java Web Start Survey/JRE on BSD

If you are at all interested in the direction that Java Web Start takes (it’s now available on Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X, and probably soon BSD as well) then fill out the Java Web Start Survey here. Sun is trying to find out more information to improve an already excellent technology and they are wisely soliciting that information from outside.
Why did I say that BSD would probably soon have Java Web Start? Well, it’s because of this announcement about FreeBSD. I was sure all along that the work done porting the JRE to BSD for Mac OS X (which is based on BSD) would pay off with a dividend sooner or later. Glad to see that it is sooner.

1 thought on “Java Web Start Survey/JRE on BSD

  1. Kelly Jones

    Nice site. I haven’t been a big Java fan in the past due to the sluggish nature of Java GUI’s, especially under Linux. However, machines seem to be getting fast enough and Java is maturing to the point where things are starting to look good. I believe Java WebStart technology has a very bright future if enough people get behind it and deploy applications. I *hope* that the efforts to bring a modern native version of Java to FreeBSD are fruitful. FreeBSD is my favorite operating system, but the lack of Java support is a thorn in it’s side. Have you heard whether jdk 1.4 is going to be supported? The regular expression support as well as the more scalable IO architecture is making for a very nice release.

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