Other People’s Ideas

I think idea-a-day varies between funny, cool, offensive, stupid, and utterly impractical on various days. In fact I’d like to see a spider chart rating each idea on exactly those criteria just to see what other people think of each idea. But this idea in particular grabbed me (as I think it would many of us with weblogs):

“Compile an historical account of any given period by printing consecutive daily entries from a wide selection of published or unpublished diaries. The 1940’s, for example, might be illustrated by an account of Churchill’s day, followed by entries from individuals as diverse as Noel Coward, Anne Frank and Fred Perry for example. There could also be an appeal for extracts for public accounts of the period in order to present a truly varied record of the times.” — by David Owen

Whoa! I had never thought of that. But I would truly love it. What were people’s thoughts on this day 10, 20, 100 years ago. What was FDR doing this morning or any of a number of other famous people. You could highlight a particular entry and bring it to the top or allow people to pick favorite authors who they see every day. I love this idea and I’m going to start looking for diaries in electronic format. This would be a trivial site to code up, it is just going to need to be fed mounds and mounds of data.