Monthly Archives: November 2001

Next Generation of JNLP Catalogs

The first generation of catalogs for applications that could be started via Java Web Start included Connect & Work, Puzzlecode, and Each hand edited its list of programs to keep it up to date and as a result have fallen farther and farther behind as new applications were released.
Puzzlecode has now introduced the next generation of the catalogs with a new release that allows you to submit the address of a new application and it will pull relevant details from the JNLP file itself to add it to the catalog.


I’ve finally gotten around to doing something I said I would do a while back. I installed (with some help from Don Thorp) MOVABLE TYPE and switched to it from Blogger.
It is harder to install than Blogger because you have to actually install something on your own server. Blogger runs as a web application which simply copies files to your sever via FTP. But the complexity is worth it because of the additional features you get with MOVABLE TYPE. I can simultaneously publish an RSS headline list for my weblog, have titles for each entry, add more information for each entry which is stored on a separate page, upload images more easily, and take comments from visitors on selected entries (like this one).

Thanksgiving Misconceptions

Thanksgiving is coming up here in America and I thought I’d clear up a misconception some people seem to be having with respect to it.
If you are having some sticks and twigs nightmare with your Thanksgiving repast that you “call” cranberry sauce then you are very very misguided. Here’s a simple test you can take. Does your cranberry sauce:
a) Have real pieces of cranberry in it? (1 point)
b) Even skins? (1 point)
c) Have orange peel? (1 point)
d) Have walnuts? (1 point)
e) Have a translucent color and resemble the exact shape of the can it came in, right down to the ridges on the interior of the container? (40,000 points)
If you scored 40,000 points exactly then you are having real cranberry sauce for Thanskgiving this year.