iPlanet to be Bundled/MIDP

Sun has decided to follow Microsoft’s lead with Internet Information Server. Microsoft includes IIS (their web server software) with the server level of their operating system. Now Sun includes iPlanet with Solaris. I haven’t decided yet whether I think this is a good, bad, or indifferent thing but it seems like an interesting thing.
Also on the news front is the release (finally!!) of MIDP for the Palm OS. With the MIDP you can write Java applications which run on Palm based handhelds. I haven’t decided yet whether there is anything I really want to write that runs on a Palm but now I know that I can. Of course the libraries that are available on a Palm do not compare to what you can get on a desktop machine but you can do all the things in the Java language itself that you are normally used to doing so developers don’t have to relearn everything to be able to develop for a handheld.