Email of the Week

Here is the email of the week, or perhaps of the month:

>Are you planning on doing anything with this Domain ??
>Or are you one of those domain selling retarded scum?

Wow, I know that I’m instantly won over to selling this domain or simply giving it outright to the genius sender of that email. Originally Don had hoped that I would come up with some incredibly clever rejoinder to the author but I’m feeling taxed at the moment. Perhaps everyone who reads this can help me out.
For those of you who might be curious (but considerably less rude), ZWave, LLC, of which I’m one of the owners, does in fact own We’ve never used it for anything but it was purchased some years back at the same time as That domain went with the LOLChat software and it was as active as the software until about a year and a half ago when the amount of revenue from it had slowed to a crawl. has never been used for anything though we have at various times talked about using it for a humor site or for a site with games, chat, and personals (kind of like The Globe, but without the gross waste of millions of dollars). Nothing has come to pass yet but sooner or later we will build something on it or sell it to somebody with a sheaf full of cash (the former being much more likely).