Fed Up

I’ve had it. I think today was the final, last, absolutely last straw on this camel’s back.
First off, let me say that I do not like Microsoft Internet Explorer much as a browser. Instead I use Mozilla (some people use Netscape’s branded version of Mozilla called Navigator 6) and I’m very very happy with it. Earlier versions had bugs that were unpleasant in one way or another but the latest versions have been making everything smoother and smoother. I really have no reason to want to use IE for anything anymore.
So, Microsoft decides that they should really own every iota of everything and it was decided a few weeks back that they should abuse the software that they provide called the Microsoft Critical Update Notification. It exists to give you a popup message and otherwise call your attention when Microsoft has a patch for a security hole or major bug in your operating system. But adoption of IE 5.5 Service Pack 2 (which shuts off Java) and IE 6.0 weren’t high enough to suit Microsoft so they decided that they would just declare them “critical updates” and the notifier would go off EVERY DAY until you upgraded to the browsers they want you to run. That’s how Microsoft’s “Critical Update” software got uninstalled from my machine…
Then along rolls October 25th, 2001. The big release of Microsoft Windows XP! Whee…
Time for another decision to make things unfriendly for anyone not using the approved software. Normally whenever you leave HotMail you are shot over to the MSN homepage in order for Microsoft to get a little more traffic and a chance to shill for whatever their latest software or service is. That’s fine to my way of thinking, HotMail is free, I can put up with a little advertising. But today I came up cold. As I logged out of HotMail and it attempted to throw me over to the MSN homepage, I was automatically redirected to another page telling me that my browser needed “upgrading”. Upgrading? Hell my browser follows the HTML, XML, PNG and every other standard better than that piece of shit IE. But I can’t go to MSN anymore because I don’t use the Microsoft house browser.
Well, that’s it for me. I have decided that I am on a new five year plan. By October 25th, 2006 I will not be using Microsoft software. Not Office, not Windows GLE/2006/whatever, not HotMail, nothing. I’m going to find solutions, write software, organize others, and work towards filling in every hole in the alternative operating systems out there so I can leave and it is an appealing move for anyone else as well. Hell, it’s not like it is a huge stretch either. Linux works and works well, it just needs a big UI makeover to make it user friendly. Apple managed to do a gorgeous job of it with Free BSD, now it’s time to do the same with Linux. OpenOffice is out there and getting better all the time, surely it can be made a world class Microsoft Office beater in five years. My development tools are all Java so they will already follow me wherever I go. One of the biggest areas that will have to change is gaming. At present Windows is the gaming powerhouse, every major personal computer game is written to DirectX and that kind of change just might take five years. But the end must come to this. Power corrupts and absolute power has corrupted absolutely.
Don jokingly refers to this as my “jihad” but I feel like I’ve been kicked one time too many. So far I’ve ignored most alternative to Windows and taken the abuse, but I’m not going to do it anymore. I’ve had it.