RedHat 7.2/Celestia

The new RedHat 7.2 release may mark a small turning point for home computer users. Microsoft is going to try and ram Windows XP down everybody’s throat even though it seems chock full of bad features like the removal of Java, an extremely aggressive anti-piracy scheme, and integration of every service under the sun (as long as it comes from Microsoft). But while XP seems to me to offer little but a cosmetic upgrade to the already stable Windows 2000, Linux seems to be making strides toward becoming more and more user friendly. Any move that is made in moving Linux along toward being friendlier, easier to install, easier to administrate, and include more mainstream features is one that will begin slowly eating away at Microsoft’s desktop market. Especially when their latest release seems very much like rearranging the deck chairs as the vessel sinks lower in the water.
I mentioned the astronomy software Celestia some months back but there is a new version and I think it deserves another mention. The updated demo mode really shows off the capabilities of software and its tour of the solar system and the Milky Way galaxy are better looking than ever.